TD - Sunflower Bouquet Quilt Blocks

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Included in the Instant Download: Sunflower Bouquet Quilt Block

 Filled and Sketched Sunflower Bouquet Quilt Blocks

Digitized designs to be used for Machine Embroidery

Embroidery formats: PES,XXX,JEF,SEW,EXP,DST,HUS,VP3

EMBROIDERY Design Details Included in Download: 

T1636 Filled Sunflower Bouquet:

4x4: 17480 stitches

5x5: 21542 stitches

6x6: 23599 stitches

7x7: 29376 stitches

8x8: 33684 stitches

9x9: 37281 stitches

10x10: 39421 stitches


T1636 Sketched Sunflower Bouquet Quilt Block:

4x4: 14880 stitches

5x5: 16422 stitches

6x6: 18599 stitches

7x7: 21376 stitches

8x8: 23684 stitches

9x9: 26281 stitches

10x10: 28421 stitches