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APE Curly Christmas Sunbonnets


AcePoints Embroidery Designs

All Digitized Designs are Copyrighted by AcePoints Embroidery Designs and are only for use
by the person who originally purchased the designs. Digitized designs are not to be
shared, swapped, duplicated or sold in any way. Designs in their stitched out form can
be used on personal items, gifts and items for resale. The digitized design itself remains
the property of AcePoints Embroidery Designs.

File: APE2025A_001
Stitches: 3410 Size: 2.83"x3.83" (72.0x97.3mm)

File: APE2025A_002
Stitches: 4659 Size: 3.66"x3.83" (93.0x97.3mm)

File: APE2025A_003
Stitches: 3475 Size: 3.84"x2.99" (97.6x76.0mm)

File: APE2025A_004
Stitches: 2901 Size: 3.83"x3.40" (97.4x86.4mm)

File: APE2025A_005
Stitches: 4311 Size: 3.44"x3.83" (87.5x97.3mm)

File: APE2025A_006
Stitches: 3840 Size: 3.79"x3.41" (96.2x86.7mm)

File: APE2025A_007
Stitches: 3951 Size: 3.84"x3.75" (97.5x95.2mm)

File: APE2025A_008
Stitches: 3677 Size: 3.11"x3.83" (78.9x97.3mm)

File: APE2025A_009
Stitches: 3050 Size: 3.20"x3.83" (81.2x97.4mm)

File: APE2025A_010
Stitches: 2340 Size: 2.04"x3.83" (51.8x97.3mm)

File: APE2025B_001
Stitches: 4518 Size: 3.63"x4.91" (92.3x124.7mm)

File: APE2025B_002
Stitches: 6048 Size: 4.70"x4.92" (119.4x124.9mm)

File: APE2025B_003
Stitches: 4591 Size: 4.92"x3.84" (125.0x97.5mm)

File: APE2025B_004
Stitches: 3482 Size: 4.91"x4.37" (124.8x111.0mm)

File: APE2025B_005
Stitches: 5702 Size: 4.41"x4.91" (112.1x124.8mm)

File: APE2025B_006
Stitches: 5129 Size: 4.85"x4.38" (123.2x111.3mm)

File: APE2025B_007
Stitches: 4942 Size: 4.92"x4.81" (125.0x122.1mm)

File: APE2025B_008
Stitches: 4605 Size: 3.98"x4.91" (101.2x124.8mm)

File: APE2025B_009
Stitches: 4112 Size: 4.10"x4.92" (104.2x125.0mm)

File: APE2025B_010
Stitches: 2927 Size: 2.62"x4.91" (66.6x124.8mm)

File: APE2025C_001
Stitches: 5857 Size: 4.37"x5.89" (110.9x149.7mm)

File: APE2025C_002
Stitches: 7517 Size: 5.64"x5.90" (143.2x149.9mm)

File: APE2025C_003
Stitches: 5731 Size: 5.90"x4.61" (149.9x117.1mm)

File: APE2025C_004
Stitches: 4884 Size: 5.90"x5.24" (149.8x133.1mm)

File: APE2025C_005
Stitches: 7104 Size: 5.30"x5.90" (134.6x149.8mm)

File: APE2025C_006
Stitches: 6330 Size: 5.83"x5.26" (148.0x133.6mm)

File: APE2025C_007
Stitches: 6331 Size: 5.91"x5.77" (150.0x146.6mm)

File: APE2025C_008
Stitches: 5759 Size: 4.78"x5.90" (121.4x149.8mm)

File: APE2025C_009
Stitches: 5451 Size: 4.92"x5.91" (125.0x150.0mm)

File: APE2025C_010
Stitches: 3778 Size: 3.15"x5.90" (79.9x149.8mm)