APE Rippled Butterflies 5

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All Digitized Designs are Copyrighted by AcePoints Embroidery Designs and are only for use
by the person who originally purchased the designs. Digitized designs are not to be
shared, swapped, duplicated or sold in any way. Designs in there stitched out form can
be used on personal items, gifts and items for resale. The digitized design itself remains
the property of AcePoints Embroidery Designs.

File: APE2011A_001
Stitches: 6095 Size: 3.09"x3.83" (78.4x97.3mm)

File: APE2011A_002
Stitches: 5835 Size: 3.07"x3.84" (78.1x97.6mm)

File: APE2011A_003
Stitches: 6289 Size: 3.03"x3.84" (77.0x97.5mm)

File: APE2011A_004
Stitches: 5913 Size: 3.03"x3.84" (77.0x97.6mm)

File: APE2011A_005
Stitches: 6208 Size: 3.05"x3.82" (77.5x97.0mm)

File: APE2011A_006
Stitches: 6230 Size: 3.07"x3.83" (78.0x97.4mm)

File: APE2011A_007
Stitches: 5736 Size: 3.05"x3.84" (77.5x97.5mm)

File: APE2011A_008
Stitches: 6854 Size: 3.04"x3.83" (77.1x97.2mm)

File: APE2011A_009
Stitches: 7110 Size: 3.07"x3.83" (77.9x97.4mm)

File: APE2011A_010
Stitches: 5884 Size: 3.07"x3.83" (77.9x97.3mm)

File: APE2011A_011
Stitches: 6947 Size: 3.01"x3.84" (76.4x97.6mm)

File: APE2011A_012
Stitches: 6430 Size: 3.01"x3.85" (76.4x97.7mm)

File: APE2011B_001
Stitches: 8134 Size: 3.96"x4.92" (100.5x124.9mm)

File: APE2011B_002
Stitches: 7912 Size: 3.94"x4.93" (100.0x125.1mm)

File: APE2011B_003
Stitches: 8254 Size: 3.88"x4.93" (98.6x125.1mm)

File: APE2011B_004
Stitches: 7855 Size: 3.88"x4.92" (98.6x125.0mm)

File: APE2011B_005
Stitches: 8290 Size: 3.91"x4.90" (99.4x124.4mm)

File: APE2011B_006
Stitches: 8348 Size: 3.94"x4.91" (100.0x124.8mm)

File: APE2011B_007
Stitches: 7696 Size: 3.91"x4.92" (99.4x125.0mm)

File: APE2011B_008
Stitches: 9303 Size: 3.89"x4.90" (98.8x124.5mm)

File: APE2011B_009
Stitches: 9677 Size: 3.93"x4.92" (99.9x124.9mm)

File: APE2011B_010
Stitches: 8033 Size: 3.93"x4.92" (99.8x124.9mm)

File: APE2011B_011
Stitches: 9247 Size: 3.86"x4.93" (98.0x125.2mm)

File: APE2011B_012
Stitches: 8674 Size: 3.86"x4.94" (98.0x125.5mm)

File: APE2011C_001
Stitches: 10139 Size: 4.74"x5.90" (120.5x149.9mm)

File: APE2011C_002
Stitches: 9834 Size: 4.72"x5.91" (120.0x150.1mm)

File: APE2011C_003
Stitches: 10324 Size: 4.66"x5.91" (118.4x150.1mm)

File: APE2011C_004
Stitches: 10081 Size: 4.66"x5.91" (118.4x150.0mm)

File: APE2011C_005
Stitches: 10614 Size: 4.69"x5.88" (119.2x149.4mm)

File: APE2011C_006
Stitches: 10338 Size: 4.72"x5.90" (120.0x149.8mm)

File: APE2011C_007
Stitches: 9719 Size: 4.70"x5.91" (119.3x150.0mm)

File: APE2011C_008
Stitches: 11613 Size: 4.66"x5.88" (118.4x149.4mm)

File: APE2011C_009
Stitches: 12063 Size: 4.72"x5.90" (119.9x149.9mm)

File: APE2011C_010
Stitches: 10254 Size: 4.71"x5.90" (119.7x149.9mm)

File: APE2011C_011
Stitches: 11484 Size: 4.63"x5.91" (117.6x150.1mm)

File: APE2011C_012
Stitches: 10794 Size: 4.63"x5.91" (117.6x150.2mm)