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DDT Madeline Bean Stitch font, BX format Only



This is for a downloadable file only.
Upon purchase you will receive a downloadable zip file with embroidery files in the BX format only.
You need to download the free to use software Embrilliance express in order to use BX fonts but once you try it you will wonder how you ever did without it, no more manually importing individual letters to create a word, now you can simply type your letters out with your keyboard like a built in font!
instructions on using BX format fonts are included and where to download the free software or you can download it here

This font set contains one BX installer file in one size only but you aren’t limited to using just one size, this new type of BX format is fully native to Embrilliance and you can now resize from 25mm right up to 100mm with no loss of stitch quality or density, meaning you can adjust the size exactly as you need right down to the exact millimetre and the software adjusts the stitches and density automatically, how awesome is that? You no longer have to install several files for one font as the one file will do everything you need with full scalability, whats more if you are using a higher level of software than the free express version you can also edit some object properties such as stitch type and density (features depend on your level of software).  This is an exciting new feature for the bx formats and I promise you that you will love using the new type of files.

Includes upper & lower case including numbers 0-9 and basic punctuation.

I don’t use auto digitised fonts, all fonts I sell are individually and manually digitised from start to finish.
This font has been manually digitised and formatted by myself and subsequently the ownership of the file in the embroidery format belong to myself, please do not resell, share or trade these files in any way. You are free to use the physical embroidered designs as you wish and they can be used as part of a finished article that you have manufactured yourself to resell etc. You do not  have permission to use this font as part of a digital design you have merged together yourself to sell as a digital design file.
The sizes are approximate and should you wish to resize it or alter them you do so at your own liberty but I can not take any responsibility for distortion or defects of the embroidered image due to alterations you make yourself.