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DDT unicorn horn face head applique



Minimum Hoop size, Design Size & Stitch Counts

Design Size & Stitch Counts

4×4: 9.93cm x 9.01cm – 10260

5×7: 14.29cm x 12.97cm – 16797

6×10: 16.50cm x 14.97cm – 19330

7×12: 19.82cm x 17.97cm – 23474

This is for a downloadable file only & you will not receive any physical  goods
By purchasing this design you are agreeing to abide by the terms of use as stated below and those as stated within the Terms Of Use policy.
upon purchase you will receive a downloadable zip file.

Please ensure that the formats are suitable for your embroidery machine.
Hoop size specifies the minimum hoop size needed for each design not the actual dimensions of the designs themselves – please see above for exact design dimensions.

These designs require an embroidery machine to use. It is your responsibility to ensure you know how to unzip files and transfer them to your embroidery machine. If you wish to view your designs on your computer you will need embroidery software as computer operating systems are unable to read embroidery files in the absence of a dedicated program. Files are designed to be sent straight to your machine, Regrettably DDT can not provide technical support if you are unable to open a design in software or if you are unsure how to unzip a file or transfer to your machine, for guidance please refer to your machines manual, contact your machines retailer for tutoring, utilise search engines for endless available resources or consider joining a few of the many machine embroidery help related group on social media. For computer, operating systems,  browser and software related issues please refer to your user manuals or contact the manufacturer or service provider for further assistance.  DDT will provide assistance where possible with any stitch out issues or in the unlikely event of files that are damaged after downloading in which a fresh download does not resolve.

This design has been manually digitised and formatted by DDT therefore ownership,  rights and privileges pertaining to the digital files in the embroidery formats belong to DDT. It is forbidden to resell, share or trade these files in any way as stated in the terms of use which you agree to when placing an order.

You are free to use the physical embroidered designs as you wish and they can be used as part of a finished article that you have manufactured yourself to resell etc.
Should you wish to resize or alter any stitch files, you do so at your own liberty but DDT can not take any responsibility for distortion or defects of the embroidered image due to alterations you make yourself.
If you require any size that is not provided initially, there will be a service fee of $1 per each additional size requested per design. For alphabet font set the fee will be $5 – This is to cover DDT’s time and extra administrative costs.