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TD - Wind Whiskey Double File



Instant Download: T1090: Glass of Wine &  T1091: Shot of Whiskey

(Both designs include in the download)

Digitized designs to be used for machine Embroidery


Wine Designs details:

T1090 Design Details:

T1090: 3.13 x 2.52″h/ 6321 stitches

T1090a: 3.26 x 2.63″h/ 6640 stitches

T1090b: 5.36 x 4.32″h/ 11613 stitches

T1090c: 6.46 x 5.21″h/ 15226 stitches

Whiskey Designs details:

T1091: 3.33 x 2.46″h/ 7334 stitches

T1091a: 3.78 x 2.8″h/ 8331 stitches

T1091b: 5.44 x 4.03″h/ 12905 stitches

T1091c: 7.84 x 5.8″h/ 20546 stitches