In The Hoop

Machine embroidery designs that are Creations made in the hoop
View all 10K 10K Snap Tab 18 inch doll 18 inch doll ITH 18_inch_doll 3x7 4x4 4x4 designs 5x7 6x10 7x11 7x12 8x12 a Actually I can AG alpaca embroidery alpaca ornament american girl American_Doll Anchor angel angel design angel ornament angel outline angel wing earrings apple apple design apple earrings apple embroidery apple fobs apple keyfob apple pulls apple snap tab applique applique design applique halloween applique_bib applique_checkbook applique_favor applique_koozie applique_koozy applique_mask applique_pattern applique_pot_holder applique_potholder applique_purse applique_tree Applique_wallet Aussie Aussie Bookmark autism autism design autism snap tab avocado embroidery design avocado snap tab awareness Awareness_Stocking Awareness_Tag baby baby bear baby bib baby case Baby Elephant baby feet baby gift baby months label baby shower baby shower gift baby wipe case baby wipes Babymoon backpack tag badge bag badge holder bag bag tag bag_tag ballerina ballet bar bar earrings barbie_files baseball baseball design baseball fan baseball fob baseball snap tab Baseball Stocking baseball tag baseball zipper Baseball/ Softball baseball_embroidery basketball basketball bag tag basketball design basketball embroidery basketball heart basketball keyfob basketball snap tab bass clef bass clef snap tab be brave BE format be mine Beagle Beagle Bookmark Bear bear bookmark bear corner bookmark bear design bear embroidery bear pouch bear zipper bag bear_pattern bear_toy bee design bee embroidery bee snap tab bee tag Belgin Malinois Bernese Mountain Dog Bernese Mountain Dog Bookmark bib Bible bible study pocket bichon bichon design bichon embroidery bichon frise bichon snap tab bichon zipper bag bicycle big blank circle big hoops big plans big zipper bag bike bike embroidery bike eyelet tag bike zipper bag bird earrings Birthday_party_set Blank Bookmark blank corner blank corner bookmark blank design blank firecracker blank frame blank frame corner bookmark Blank Monogram Deco Frame blank name tag blank pencil blank rectangle blank_ornament Bone fob book fair snap tab book Mark Book Markd book snap tab book tag bookmark bookmark design bookmark embroidery design boomark band border collie Border Collie bookmark Border Collie corner bookmark border collie feltie bow Boxer Boxer Bookmark brave Buffalo wallet bundle Bundle Package Bundle designs bundles Bunny bunny design bunny rabbit bunny snap tab business card holder butterfly butterfly bookmark butterfly corner bookmark butterfly embroidery butterfly pendant cable cajun candy cane candy holder Candy_cane_holder candycane cat cat bookmark Cat Corner Bookmark cat pouch cat zipper bag Checkbook_cover cheer cheer mom cheer team cheerleader chicken_design chicken_embroidery chicken_snap_tab Chow Chow Bookmark Christmas Christmas embroidery Christmas Ornament Christmas Tree Christmas Wallet Christmas_applique Christmas_Embroidery Christmas_ITH Christmas_ornament christmas_shirt christmas_sweater Christmas_Tree circle circle tag clear vinyl clippies coach coasters Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Book Mark coffee sleeve coin pouch Collie Collie Bookmark collie zipper bag Constellation cord cord organizer cord wrap Cord_case_holder corner bookmark cosmetic_bag craft show creative cross cross and leaf cutie pie day_of_the_dead day_of_the_dead_mask DBB Deer design_file Designs by Babymoon Designs by Babymoon desk organizer diaper and wipe diaper bag diaper bag tag diaper wipe digital_applique digital_design digital_design_file DIGITAL_DOWNLOAD Digital_embroidery digital_files Dinosaur dinosaur_applique Doberman Doberman Bookmark Dobi Dog Dog Book Mark Dog Bookmark dog face Dog mom dog snap tab dog walking poop bag holder dog walking wag dog_bag dog_earrings dog_necklace dog_ornament doggie bag doggy poop doily Doll clothes Doll_accessories doll_halloween doll_purse_set Doll_set dove dragon dragon bag dragon zipper bag dream dream big earring bundle earrings earrings and pendant earrings_Halloween Easter Easter bookmark easter embroidery EGG egg applique Egg ornament egg shape ekg heartbeat pouch ekg wallet ekg zipper bag elephant elephant design elephant snap tab elephant zipper bag elf Elf on the shelf Elf shirt elf sweater Emboidery_favor embroidered_tag embroidered_tree embroidery Embroidery design embroidery_barbie Embroidery_bib embroidery_blank embroidery_checkbook embroidery_design embroidery_dog embroidery_doll embroidery_earrings embroidery_file embroidery_files embroidery_jewelry embroidery_mask embroidery_necklace Embroidery_Patch embroidery_pattern embroidery_paw embroidery_potholder embroidery_purse embroidery_stocking embroidery_wallet emoji bag emoji pouch encouragement extra large earrings eyelet eyelet tag Fall fall leaves feather feather earrings felt_mask Feltie felties firecracker embroidery file firecracker name tag firecracker snap tab firework name tag fob fob design Football football design football earrings football eyelet tag football jewelry football snap tab football tag Football_Stocking fox fox design fox tag frame corner frankenstein Frankie Free_standing_lace free_standing_table Freestanding Lace friendship_bracelet fruit embroidery fruit embroidery design fruit snap tab fsl fsl_bat FSL_bracelet FSL_cat fsl_christmas fsl_day_of_the_dead FSL_design FSL_dog FSL_Doily FSL_earrings FSL_fall FSL_favor FSL_friendship FSL_ghost FSL_gift FSL_gift_tags FSL_halloween fsl_holiday FSL_hope FSL_jack_o_lantern FSL_jackolantern FSL_Jewelry FSL_jewelry_set FSL_joy FSL_love fsl_mask FSL_monogram FSL_necklace FSL_ornament FSL_ornaments FSL_paw FSL_peace FSL_personalized FSL_project FSL_projects FSL_pumpkin FSL_runner FSL_scotty fsl_stocking FST_friendship_gift game day German Shepherd German Shepherd Bookmar German Short Haired Pointer Book Mark get it girl ghost gift card Gift_card_holder_ITH Gingerbread girl Gingerbread man glasses case Golden Golden Bookmark Great Dane 2 Great Dane Bookmark Grey Hound Grey Hound Bookmark grommet fob Halloween halloween applique halloween bag halloween design halloween embroidery halloween favor Halloween Masks halloween_applique halloween_frankenstein Halloween_jewelry hand drawn owl handle covers Heart heart earring heart earrings heart pendant hen_embroidery hen_snap_tab hot mitt Hug_Longer I_t_h id bag id holder imported_from_etsy imported_from_etsy_3128 In The Hoop in the hoop book embroidery in the hoop bracelet in the hoop Christmas in the hoop favor in the hoop ghost in the hoop gift in the hoop ID in the hoop jewelry In the Hoop Kitchen Set in the hoop mask In the hoop ornament in the hoop project in the hoop quilt in the hoop snap tab in the hoop stocking in_the_hoop in_the_hoop_18_doll in_the_hoop_18_inch in_the_hoop_AG in_the_hoop_American in_the_hoop_animal In_the_hoop_baby In_the_hoop_baby_bib in_the_hoop_bag in_the_hoop_banner in_the_hoop_barbie In_the_hoop_barrette In_the_hoop_bear in_the_hoop_bib in_the_hoop_birthday In_the_hoop_bookmark In_the_hoop_bow_p in_the_hoop_bowl in_the_hoop_bracelet in_the_hoop_burp In_the_hoop_card in_the_hoop_case in_the_hoop_circus in_the_hoop_clothes in_the_hoop_clutch in_the_hoop_cowboy in_the_hoop_craft in_the_hoop_design in_the_hoop_ditty in_the_hoop_doll in_the_hoop_doll_set In_the_hoop_Easter in_the_hoop_elephant in_the_hoop_favor in_the_hoop_feltie in_the_hoop_felties In_the_hoop_frozen in_the_hoop_game In_the_hoop_games in_the_hoop_gift in_the_hoop_gifts In_the_hoop_hair in_the_hoop_hat In_the_hoop_kid in_the_hoop_kids in_the_hoop_mask in_the_hoop_mittens in_the_hoop_nappy in_the_hoop_ninja In_the_hoop_onsie In_The_Hoop_Ornament In_The_Hoop_Party In_the_hoop_pattern In_The_Hoop_Pennant in_the_hoop_play_set in_the_hoop_plushy In_the_hoop_pouch in_the_hoop_present In_the_hoop_project in_the_hoop_projects in_the_hoop_props in_the_hoop_purse in_the_hoop_quilted In_the_hoop_shower in_the_hoop_sparkle in_the_hoop_stocking In_The_Hoop_Stuffie in_the_hoop_sucker in_the_hoop_tag in_the_hoop_tic_tac in_the_hoop_toy in_the_hoop_toys in_the_hoop_travel in_the_hoop_tray In_the_hoop_tree in_the_hoop_usb in_the_hoop_wallet In_the_hoop_western in_the_hoop_zipper it_mother's_day ith ITH baby ITH baby bundle ITH baby gift ITH bib ITH boy ITH bracelet ITH candy holder ITH Card holder ITH case ITH Christmas ITH doll clothes ITH doll dress ITH doll skirt ITH earrings ITH elf shirt ITH Eyeglass case ITH favor ith ghost ITH gifr ITH gift ITH halloween ITH ID ITH jewelry ITH mask ith months ITH necklace ITH party favor ITH place card ITH Project ITH quilt ITH quilt squares ITH runner ITH Sunglass Case ITH treat bag ITH unicorn mask ith wallet ITH_18_inch ITH_18_inch_doll ITH_AG ITH_AG_clothes ITH_American ITH_American_Doll ITH_animal ITH_apron ITH_baby ITH_baby_Bib ITH_baby_gift ITH_baby_shower ITH_bag ITH_banner ith_barbie ith_barbie_clothes ITH_barrette ITH_barrettes ith_basket ITH_bat ITH_bear ith_bib ITH_birthday ITH_bookmark ITH_bottle ITH_bow_piece ITH_bowl ITH_bracelet ITH_bridal ith_burp ith_burp_cloth ITH_can ITH_can_wrap ITH_cat ITH_checkbook_cover ith_christmas ITH_circus ITH_clippies ITH_clutch ith_coffee sleeve ITH_cool ITH_coozie ITH_coozy ITH_cord_case ITH_cord_holder ITH_cosmetic_bag ITH_cowboy ITH_cupcake_topper ITH_day_of_the_dead ITH_design ITH_designs ITH_ditty ITH_ditty_bag ith_doll ITH_Doll_accessorie ith_doll_clothes ITH_doll_play ITH_doll_purse ITH_doll_set ITH_doll_shoes ITH_doll_slippers ITH_doll_sports ITH_earrings ITH_Easter_basket ITH_elephant ith_elf wear ith_embroidery design ITH_fall ITH_favor ITH_felt_food ITH_feltie ITH_felties ITH_file ith_frozen ITH_game ITH_games ITH_ghost ITH_gift ith_gifts ith_gingerbread_man ITH_Girl_Doll ITH_girls ITH_hair ITH_halloween ITH_handbag ITH_hat ITH_hide_and_find ith_holiday ITH_holidays ITH_jackolantern ITH_Jewelry ITH_kids ith_kitchen ITH_koozie ITH_koozy ITH_love ITH_mask ITH_mittens ITH_monster ITH_mothers_day ITH_nappy ITH_necklace ITH_Ninja_Mask ITH_onsie ITH_organizer ITH_ornament ITH_oven_mitts ITH_pacifier ITH_party ITH_party_banner ITH_party_favor ITH_pattern ITH_pennant ITH_phone ITH_photo ITH_photo_props ITH_pizza_set ITH_play_set ITH_pot_holder ITH_potholder ITH_pouch ITH_project ITH_projects ITH_props ITH_pumpkin ITH_purse ITH_quilt ITH_quilted ITH_quilted_bib ITH_roll_up ITH_sac ITH_shower ith_sparkle_girls ith_Stocking ITH_stuffie ITH_sucker ITH_tag ith_tic_tac_toe ith_toy ITH_toys ITH_travel ITH_tray ITH_usb ITH_usb_case ITH_valentine ITH_wallet ITH_western ITH_zipper jelly jelly bag jelly bags jewelry key fob key ring keyfob Kids kiss me kitchen set kitchen towel Kitchen_oven mitts kitty lace lace zipper lace zipper bag lace zipper bags lace zipper design lace_doily lanyard leaf leaf earrings leaf zipper bag leaf zipper pouch leather leather jacket lemon lemon zipper bag lemonade Lemonade Money library book tag Ligher case Lighter fob Lighter holder llama embroidery llama ornament lone star lone star pouch lone star zipper bag Longhorn bag Lotus_earrings Lotus_jewelry Lotus_necklace Louisiana love low carb embroidery luggage tag LUGGAGE TAG BLANK luggage tag embroidery design luggage_tag_design Machine_Embroidery Made to Create Maltese Book Mark Mardi Gras mega hoop mega_hoop megaphone megaphone earrings Mermaid Embroidery Design Mermaid Snap Tab Mermaid Tail mermaid tail name tag mini mini bird mini bird earrings mini earrings mini feather mini feather earrings mini leaf layers mini tear drop mini teardrop mini teardrop earrings mongram monogram monogram blank monogram frame monogram pen pocket monogram tag monogram zipper bag monogram zipper bags monogram zipper pouch monster moon moon and star pouch moon and stars moon earrings moon jewelry Moon necklace moon zipper bag motivational mug rug music music embroidery music snap tab name tag name tag snap tab nautical nursery open book method organizer ornament our generation oval oven mitt owl owl design owl embroidery owl pen pocket owl planner pocket panda panda set panda zipper bag Pappillon Pappillon Bookmark Party Patch Patterns paw print paw_earrings paw_necklace paw_print pen pocket pencil pencil eyelet tag pencil ornament pencil pouch pencil_holder pendant personalize personalized tag phone case planner planner Accessories planner pocket pocket Pomeranian Pomeranian Bookmark poo emoji Poodle poop bag poop bag holder Pot holder pouch puppy puppy face puppy love puppy snpa tab quilted_baby_bib quilted_bib quilted_pot_holder rainbow rainbow sparkle rainbow zipper bag rainbows rock star runner runner girl snap tab running running tag scavenger hunt zipper bag school spirit scotty_ornament set of zipper bags Shar Pei Book mark side zip side zipper singer singing girl Skillet cover skinny skinny zipper bag Sloth sloth design sloth zipper bag Snake snake embroidery design snake luggage tag snake name tag snap fob snap tab snap_tab softball softball embroidery softball fan softball fob softball ornament softball snap tab softball tag sports sports fob sports key fob sports team sports_design sports_embroidery sports_stocking stadium bag Standard Poodle Standard Poodle Bookmark star star pouch star zipper bag Stocking Christmas stuffed stuffed animal stuffed toy stuffed_bear stuffed_toy_pattern stuffie stuffie_pattern stuffy Supplies swirly Symbol table_runner tag teacher teacher gift teacher ornament teardrop teardrop earrings Tennessee wallet tennis tennis balls tennis earrings texas bag top zip towel topper treat bag tree_applique Tree_embroidery trivet unicorn unicorn mask USB_cord_holder Valentine_day Valentine_stuffie valentines coasters Valentines Day varsity jacket volleyball volleyball earrings wallet Westie Westie Book Mark wipe case wipes Witch Mask XOXO Yorkie zipper zipper bag zipper pouch zipper pull zodiac
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